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To really give you a sense of who we are, let’s start off by telling you what we’re not:

  • We’re not an ad agency; advertising and marketing are just one of our areas of expertise.
  • We are not passive order takers; we are hands-on advisors, consultants and development experts that touch every part of the process. As idea people, our role is to enrich, enliven and enhance every project.
  • We don’t do cookie-cutter; if we don’t end up wanting to live in a development ourselves, we haven’t done our job.
  • And we don’t pull any punches; if we think something you’re doing won’t work, we’ll tell you, and offer you alternatives you may not have thought of.

That said, here’s what we ARE:

The Walsh Group is a full-service land development consultancy. We work with developers, providing the ideas and expertise they need to go from empty lot to finished building, with knowledgeable support at every stage along the way.

We offer our partners a remarkable breadth of expertise: our team designs floor plans and building envelopes, helps determine amenities and layouts, connects developers with industry-leading designers, landscapers, architects and consultants, and engages potential buyers through thoughtfully designed sales centres and integrated marketing materials. Whatever your need, we have the in-house skills to make it happen.

We add value

For less experienced developers, or those new to the game or the Canadian/GTA market, we offer the skills, knowledge and trusted network of contacts only two decades of hands-on experience can provide. Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped launch over 100 projects across Canada, working with partners including Lamb Development Corporation, Streetcar Developments, Urban Capital, Worsley Urban Partners and others. Newer additions to our roster include Rockport Group and Sorbara Development Group.

Our Philosophy


We start every project by getting a complete understanding of it, and identifying the single most important benefit. Is it the location that will drive buyers? The innovative design? An association with a name-brand architect? That’s always our starting point – and it remains at the core of everything we do.


All of our effort is concentrated on achieving results for our clients.


We’re always moving forward by innovating, creating and inspiring new ideas.


Real Estate Development

From small independent landowners who are new to the game to established developers looking for turnkey, full-project expertise, we help our clients build and sell smart.

The Walsh Group has the knowledge and experience to guide and support developers through every stage of their project. It’s a unique skill set that makes our company a sought-after player in the development world; we do everything from reviewing land, developing the team, directing the look of the building(s), determining target market and unit mix, and creating a solid marketing strategy that engages buyers.

Land Development

Our clients value our expertise, and will often come to us before they have even bought land. Many clients, even those who have developed before, aren’t sure of what needs to happen at each stage of the process, and no way to gauge the quality of the people they’ve hired.

We understand exactly what has to happen when a piece of land is purchased or an existing building is up for conversion. So when they’re thinking about buying, they will have us take a look, determine viability, go through due diligence, and provide support through the buying process.


A sales centre needs to be more than just some drywall with floor plans tacked to it. It needs to reflect the sensibility of the building, fit the overall brand, appeal to the target market, and most importantly, engage buyers. The Walsh Group is known for thoughtful, innovative sales centres. Our team will take a raw space and ensure it’s beautiful, inviting, and that it sells all the possibilities of living in the building to the people who would most want to buy it. Take a look at the sales centres we created for One Rainsford and RC3, and you’ll understand why developers want our expertise on their side.


Enrich your brand

Your brand is more than just a logo or a brochure. It determines the entire feel of your project, and is a way to direct and maximize response. But branding your development is just one piece of the puzzle. Branding yourself as a developer is just as important, if not more so.

The Walsh Group specializes in building brands that resonate with buyers. We will determine your target market and tailor everything from the look of the building and floor plans to logos and marketing materials to that exact demographic.

We can also help you create an umbrella brand that encompasses all your developments; having a recognizable identity means you can build loyalty with buyers. They will know that Company X is about quality, design and customer service, and will go out of their way to buy with you again when they’re upsizing, investing, or buying for family members.


At The Walsh Group, great design is our trademark, and it doesn’t end with the sleek exteriors and smart layouts of the residences we help create. It extends into the way you communicate with brokers and buyers, positioning your project to appeal to your audience. Each project is accompanied by top-quality collateral; glossy magazine-inspired brochures, engaging websites, inviting sales centres and attention-grabbing signage are all part of the package.

Our team will do everything you need to launch and sell a project, with services that include branding, design, online marketing, print production and signage.



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